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Metabolism Testing




Having trouble losing weight? Maybe its time to have your metabolism tested! At The Body Studio for Fitness using our Metabolic machine we can test you and find out if you have a slow metabolism!
Did you ever wonder why when you eat less food you still don't lose weight?  Maybe you have a slow metabolism!  At The Body Studio for Fitness using our Metabolic Machine we can test your metabolism and find out if it is slow. Once we find out what your metabolism is our certified trainers will  advise you on how to speed up your metabolism so you can strive to achieve the body you have always wanted.  The test is easy! All you do is breathe into a tube that is connected to the Body Studio’s special Metabolic Machine for 10-minutes.  This test is 99% accurate. It is the same type of testing used in hospitals to measure the caloric needs of their ICU patients. This test will give you the “magic number” of calories you need each day to achieve healthy weight loss.  No more guessing!  Contact Danny or Theresa now at the Body Studio for fitness to set up your appointment!

Price $100.00  

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