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Meet Commander Dan

Frank A. Dandrea

"Commander Dan"


My Dad, Frank Dandrea, "Commander Dan" was a caring, strong, and vital man. He passed away January 28th, 2014, from complications of Parkinson's disease.  We miss him greatly. 
He fought so hard, and with dignity, to keep the disease at bay, but it was finally time for him to rest. This disease took away  his ability to do the many activities he loved. You see, Parkinson's disease overtakes the nervous system, and as it progresses, it prohibits control of body movements, body functions and speech.  We need to find a cure for this terrible disease. Before this disease deteriorated my Dad's speech, and physical abilities he made great use of every minute on this earth.  He was a Commander and pilot in the U.S. Navy. He was a devoted husband & family man. He was a hunter, fisherman, gardener, a great storyteller, and a student of life. As his daughter, I learned many important lessons from him.  One of the best of these lessons being, you should never stop learning & improving yourself.  He followed this belief his whole life.  His eyes would twinkle as he soaked up all the knowledge he could, from whomever he was speaking to, or from whatever he was reading. He taught himself many things.
Exercise was an important part of his daily routine, even up to the last few months of his life. As far back as I can remember, he never missed a morning workout. Even when I visited him, two months before he passed away, as weak as he was from the disease, he showed me the things he did daily for exercise. I was so impressed by his determination. My name is Theresa Gordon. My husband Danny and I are running partners. We ran a marathon in my home town a few years ago, and my Dad was able to attend. He loved it.  Even though he was very weak from the Parkinson's disease, he came and cheered us on at the finish line. It was so special to both Danny and me. It is something we will never forget. Danny & I are running The Honolulu Marathon this December 2015. We will run in my Dad's honor. A marathon takes strength and determination. This marathon, will be a tribute to the strength and determination my Dad had his whole life.  We know he will be there with us, in spirit, cheering us on. We are asking for donations to the National Parkinson Foundation, in my Dad's honor.  We will run the distance for my Dad, and we appreciate any dollar amount you can contribute to match our effort. 
Our Goal is to to raise $5000.00 for the National Parkinson Foundation by race day, December 13th, 2015.                             

We want to help wipe out this terrible disease. 

Thank you for your support,

Sincerely, Theresa and Danny

Please click on link to donate!

Thank you all for those who donated Your  donations were very generous! Danny & Theresa  reached their funrasing goal of $5000. They also successfully completed their Marathon (26.2 miles) In honor of Theresa's Dad! 

Please feel free to donate in Theresa's Father's name! Help us put a end to Parkinson Disease! 

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