The Body Studio for Fitness
Family owned for over 22 years!

        Danny & Theresa Gordon

The Body Studio for Fitness is a Private Personal Training Studio. Danny & Theresa Gordon are the proud owners & founders of The Body Studio for Fitness! Their Studio is the longest lasting fitness facility in Foster City, CA The Body Studio specializes in one on one personal fitness training & Outdoor TRX Boot Camp! Training is by appointment only!      

This journey started 21 + years ago. Danny and Theresa were both were having the same experiences, trying to train their clients in the crowded and uncontrollable atmosphere of the gym setting. They decided it was time to make a change. They both agreed their personal training clients would have a much more rewarding experience training in a more private setting.

In 1996, they opened The Body Studio for Fitness, Personal Training Studio, in San Mateo, CA.  It was not easy, but Danny & Theresa were determined to make their dream a reality. They expanded, only two years after opening, due to growing success. They opened a wall, and expanded into the storefront right next to them.  Business continued to grow, so, after 5 years, they branched out to Foster City & opened up their beautiful 3,500 square foot studio, right along the San Francisco Bay Trail. Eventually because of the beautiful studio & unlimited parking at their Foster City location, Danny & Theresa moved all their clients to their flagship studio in Foster City. Wow, what a journey for them both. They are both as passionate about personal training and lifestyle coaching as when they started. Danny and Theresa help their clients daily with exercise coaching, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle coaching, so they can all achieve success with their health & fitness goals!                                                              

Contact Danny & Theresa along with their team of trainers. They have many years of experience & you won't be disappointed!


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1455 Beach Park Blvd, Foster City, CA, 94404, United States
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